Dietitians and nutritionists

Stay connected to each of your patients

And simplify your most complex tasks
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Get motivated to achieve your goals

Easily check your meal plan and analyse your progress
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Nutrition clinics

Attract patients with an innovative service

And simplify professionals and patients management
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Nutrition software where professionals and patients work together

Simplify the tasks of professionals and motivates patients to achieve their goals

Meal plans

Simplifies the creation of meal plans through automatic nutrition calculations

Follow up

Revolutionary and intuitive, follow up on your patient's compliance rate in real time


Notify patients during meal time and motivate them to follow their meal plan

Meal Plans version

The first version of Nutrium is already being used by many professionals and patients all around the world. Check out its main features.
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Streamline the scheduling and management of your appointments and workflow
Easily store personal, clinical and dietary information about your patients
Store and evaluate anthropometric and analytical measurements of your patient
Set goals and determine the patient's recommended daily kilocalorie intake
Set meals with several food composition databases and household weights
Set recommendations and check the energy expenditure of the prescribed exercises
Analyse the distribution of macro and micronutrients, comparing with the DRIs
Mobile app
Allow your patients to check their meal plan, measurements and goals in our mobile app

Choose your plan

We provide different options adapted to your needs, all of which have powerful security measures to protect your data
  • Meal plans
    Simplify the management of information regarding patients and meal plans
  • $62
    per professional per month
    billed annually
    $77billed monthly
  • Ease the creation of meal plans
  • Store and manage patients
  • Food nutrient databases
  • Analysis of patient progress
  • Personalised reports and statistics
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  • Follow-up
    Easily track your patients' meal plan compliance and improve its success rate
  • $79
    per professional per month
    billed annually
    $99billed monthly
  • Includes all Meal plan's features
  • Mobile and web apps for patients
  • Communicate and monitor in real-time
  • Non-compliance detection
  • Integration with fitness apps
  • Pro
    Automate all tasks based on previous sucess or failure records
  • $115
    per professional per month
    billed annually
    $144billed monthly
  • Includes all Follow up's features
  • Meal plan recommendations
  • Integration with medical devices
  • Nutritional supplements database
  • Improved statistics and reports

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