Kay G. Zheng

Kay G. Zheng

We leverage fitness as a foundation to build the Lifestyles it takes to succeed!

About me

About me

Hello, I’m Kay!
I am a Certified Elite Personal Trainer and Nutrition Expert. I founded 99Aesthetic after watching countless people suffer through cookie-cutter programs and hard work but no results to show for it! My journey as a skinny teen to an IDFA/NPAA Pro taught me a lot about my body and what it takes to succeed. I realize that one training program does not fit all and each client comes in with specific goals they want to achieve. My passion is to help YOU achieve your goals through education and motivation. Always put my client first and my ego on the back burner. I’m not here to show you how to Workout, That’s a really small part of what I DO. We Focus on Education, Lifestyle, and Results.






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