Enrico Lai

Enrico Lai

Nutritionist · 01832 DI 5

I am a dietitian, fitness and lifestyle consultant for optimum life, fitness and sport performance.

About me

About me

After graduating as a dietitian I studied business management and worked in the telecommunication industry. Today I combine both my science background and knowledge and my communications/ICT expertise to bring to the public a unique and modern experience in receiving consultations in the area of health and nutrition.

We practice a simple but thorough methodology that ensures maximum effectiveness and efficiency in serving your needs. The following process illustrates our general approach:
1. Client intake (registration of client information and health history and measuring of key indicators)
2. Analysis (Analysis of provided information to determine cause and effect to deduce best course for remedial action)
3. Planning (Planning of steps to take to immediately provide solutions - Meal planning, exercise, and lifestyle adjustments)
4. Follow-up (we won't leave you hanging, we will make sure to coach you each step of the way to a new healthy/improved you.





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