Joshua & Janell McDaniel

Joshua & Janell McDaniel


Creating A Team Of The Highest Caliber Individuals

About me

About me

With an substantial background in fitness, dietetics, and competitive performance, we assist our team in reaching their absolute potential.

Janell is a United States Army recruit who received her B.S. in Exercise Science from Brigham Young University in Hawaii, NASM personal training certification, and is currently pursuing training in physical therapy. She has in-depth knowledge and experience of competing in NPC bikini and figure divisions. Her dedication to mastering the body is unrivaled; by leading this team through positive motivation and tough love, unfathomable goals of aesthetics and physical capabilities are reached.

Joshua is a United States Navy Veteran with continual application of team fitness leadership, support of nutritional intervention, competitive dietetic guidance, and motivating others to push through “the suck”. He is a dietetics and pre-medical student at the University of Hawaii - Manoa. For years, his passion and dedication to understand and apply medical and dietetic knowledge has continued to expand. He is here to help lead this team to see others who are willing to go the distance, reach optimal health and their goals.



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