Julie Wallace

Julie Wallace

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

Personalized nutrition counseling based on your individual needs. Balanced eating based in science and common sense.

About me

About me

Eating Well Shouldn’t Be Hard.

No matter your goal, I can help you to develop healthy behaviors with positive outcomes such as
​Improved level of energy and mood
A healthier relationship with food
Improved labs
Role model a happy and healthy lifestyle for your family
Weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain, or other changes in body composition that are often a consequence of eating a nutrient-dense diet combined with physical activity

Discover Your Greatest Self.
“People possess substantial personal expertise and wisdom regarding themselves, and tend to develop in a positive direction, given the proper conditions and support…” Miller & Moyers​

My focus isn’t always on ‘weight’ or a dietary approach. Every single person is different and there are times when the focus may shift to mindful and/or intuitive eating approaches.
Meal Planning comes in many forms; sometimes we may look at specific recipes and other times we may use different, simple strategies.
It’s about what works for YOU.

Take Control of Your Life.

“It is your choice if, when, and how to change, and nobody can make that decision for you.”

I just happen to have a lot of knowledge and enjoy helping you reach your goals. My background includes a Bachelors of Science (Dietetics), 12 months unpaid rotations, 6+ years of work in various settings, and Board Certification in Pediatric Nutrition (although at least 50% of my clients are adults).

We’ll start off with an Initial Assessment where I get information on your medical history, body composition, and lifestyle.
Follow up appointments are used to adjust strategies for what works and what doesn’t work (because every single person is different!)

I specialize in Medical Nutrition Therapy (Diabetes, Kidney Failure, Obesity), Pediatric, Family, Women's, Fertility, Prenatal, and Vegetarian Nutrition.




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