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Quick & Healthy Grain bowls

Monday, December 09, 2019
Total time
20 minutes
Preparation time
5 minutes

This is a quick recipe that can be made for lunch or dinner, plus it tastes delicious! This recipe is for TWO bowls, macro/micro nutrient distribution represents two servings.

or1 cup of quinoa, uncooked (170 g)
or0.5 cup of beans, black turtle, mature seeds, canned (240 g)
or1/2 cup slices of cucumber, with peel, raw (52 g)
or1/4 cup chopped of carrots, raw (128 g)
or1 tbsp of hummus, commercial (15 g)
or1/2 cup of spinach, raw (15 g)
or0.3 cups, pureed of avocados, raw, California (69 g)
Fill a medium pot with water (according to instructions on quinoa) Pour 1 cup of quinoa into the pot and bring to a boil. Let cook for 15 minutes (or per instructions)
Meanwhile, chop vegetables to liking and set aside in a medium bowl.
You can leave vegetables as is, or you can lightly season to your liking. Next, pour can of black beans into a microwavable bowl and follow heating instructions, OR heat in a small saucepan on stove if you have more time.
Once quinoa is finished, fluff with a fork. This recipe is for two grain bowls, so split half a cup of quinoa in each bowl.
Sprinkle a dash of salt and pepper if desired.
top with veggies and hummus.
You can add a chipotle sauce, lightly sprinkled on top or served on the side for dipping.
Nutritional information
Per 100 g% DRI
Energy154 kcal8 %
Fat4 g6 %
Fatty acids, total saturated0 g2 %
Cholesterol0 mg0 %
Sodium160 mg7 %
Carbohydrate25 g8 %
Sugars1 gremove
Fiber6 g22 %
Protein6 gremove