HiGHealth: Marcelo Coelho

HiGHealth: Marcelo Coelho


A Happy life , is a healthy life. The more I learn, the more I succeed helping my clients.


About me

I always had a passion for health and fitness. My grandfather lived up to 96yrs of age. He passed away during his sleep. He always been an example of longevity and health to me. The fact that he never smoked or drank alcohol, as far as I know, was always an example of discipline. Being very active and never really wanting to retire, he went on beyond his 70's and into his 80's with the same routine.
I want to live beyond my 90's, healthy and free from medicines. For this, like I do to myself, I take my philosofy to my clients too.
My work is based on maintaining health and preventing diseases. For this, I keep myself absolutely tuned in with the latest researches, in the field of nutrition, and biochemistry interaction of nutrients with our bodies.
I also help people to achieve their healthy weight and teach them how to manage it by learning a balanced life style.
My sessions are not only focused on Nutrition, but I cover Exercise, Sleep, hormone health and supplementation. All with a touch of couselling and therapy when necessary.
My clients usually become my friends, as trust is an absolute requirement for the success of my work.
I take great pride in what I do, and although some people end up giving up on themselves, I never give up on them as long as I see a way.



Marcelo Coelho, HiGHealth

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