Lisa Reid

Lisa Reid


Psychology / Nutritional Science

About me

About me

Hi I'm Lisa!

I bring psychology and nutrition together to help you achieve your nutrition goals whether it be weight loss, improving your relationship with food or simply leading a healthier lifestyle.


​× Food psychology
× Weight management
​× Lifestyle recommendations
​× Healthy recipes
​× Binge, stress & emotional eating
​× Improving energy levels
​× Stress management
​× Perception of food
​× Identifying mental barriers
× Managing cravings
× Sustainable & personalised meal plans
× Improving your relationship with food
× Strategically eating in sync with your cycle
​× Identifying habits that will work for you
& much more!


One off consultation $129.99
A one off session to set you in the right direction.

Individual Starter Plan $199.99
Couples Starter Plan $249.99
Supply of appropriate take home information and resources to help you achieve your goals under your own steam.

What’s included?
| Initial consultation | 1 x meal guide | Recipes | Grocery lists | Lifestyle recommendations | Other relevant tools |

Follow up appointments
15 minutes (online only) $14.99
30 minutes $49.99

Individual Ultimate Health Plan $299.99
Couples Ultimate Health Plan $499.99
A personalised approach with one on one support and guidance to help you achieve your goals.

What’s included?
| Initial consultation | 2 x 15 minute follow ups or 1 x 30 minute follow up | 2 x personalised meal plans | Lifestyle recommendations | Free downloadable client App that gives you access to your personalised meals, recipes, water/exercise/progress tracker, meal reminders, food diary, communication tool | 24 hour support | Other relevant tools |

Updated meal plans
2 weeks $49.99
4 weeks $79.99

Consultations can be completed via:
In Person
Skype Video Call
Phone Call

Get in contact with me to start your personal and enjoyable health journey!



Miss Nutrition

I’m Lisa and I’m a foodie, health enthusiast and fitness lover! Let me tell you a bit about my personal journey. Throughout my life I always maintained a healthy weight until a certain point where ...

Preheat oven to 180 degrees
Add all dry ingredients into a bowl
Then add the egg, vanilla essence, maple syrup, coconut oil, sliced banana and then the almond milk last
Depending on the consistency of the mixture add a little bit more milk if you need to
Transfer mixture into a non stick baking dish and bake for 30 minutes

Portions: 3