Sarah Ostroski

Sarah Ostroski

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About me

About me

Sarah Ostroski has worked as a personal trainer for over 16 years. She is an American College of Sports Medicine certified Exercise Physiologist. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science from Eastern University and a Master of Science in Kinesiology: Integrative Exercise Physiology from Temple University.
Sarah is an adjunct professor in the Kinesiology department at Eastern University. She teaches strength training, concepts of fitness, and the physiology of exercise and aging.
Her training experience is strongest among pre through post-menopausal women. Simultaneously, Sarah has assisted a diverse pool of clients in improving, maintaining, and enjoying a life of wellness. She has helped clients in a number of areas including but not limited to: weight loss and maintenance, muscular strength training, understanding and implementation of life changes, nutritional and hormonal balance, injury prevention and recovery, sports conditioning, and recovery and maintenance of physical illness.
While teaching at Eastern, Sarah has had the unique opportunity to provide long term health education to large groups of the student body. She spent the last 3 years working in Eastern University's Life Fitness Program, where she has structured comprehensive exercise programs for groups ranging from 9 through 25 students at one time. Each group was bodied with students ranging from those having no exercise experience to elite athletes, many suffered from physical and physiological limitations. Sarah evaluated each student individually, assessing their health and fitness status, and worked endlessly to provide each with a customized program to improve their health and reach their goals.
Sarah has trained and coached clients with joint limitations, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, sports injuries, decreased cognitive functioning, and more.
Sarah is confident that she is qualified and ready to provide you with a diverse personal training and wellness program.



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