Sheila V Patton

Sheila V Patton

It's never to late to begin a new chapier in your weight loss Journey.

About me

About me

I am a 43 year old mother of three employed as a nurse. In the past I tried every diet and pill possible to achieve weight loss. I was finally told that I was a good candidate for weight loss surgery and received a referral. I was crushed by the notion of having weight loss surgery. I blamed myself. I often wondered how did I allow myself to get this big.Sometimes the medicines would have me jittery or nauseated with no real results of sufficient weight loss. I researched until I stumbled upon information regarding the Keto Lifestyles. I joined a group for support and realized that even with that group it was not enough. I would ask questions within the Facebook group only to be humiliated as though I was asking a question that I should know the answer to. A group member reached out to me in an inbox message and began coaching and within two months I had lost 49lbs. My life has changed since for the best. I am no longer depressed, I no longer suffer for migraines and my hypertension is regulated. I opened a Facebook group to assist other dolls to lose weight and and I am very successful.




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